Saturday, June 13, 2009


Author: Stephenie Meyer
Title: New Moon of Twilight series
Purchase Price: 20 Singapore dollars
Selling for: RM 20.00
Personal rating:4/5

OK girls, dont y'all start screaming just yet. I have bad news. The book has a scar (look at last picture). But if you don't mind it, I guess thats fine then. I bought it for 20 Sing dollars in Singapore at the height of the Twilight hype (and someone got me the entire collection for my b'day 3 months later. blah.) which works out to be about RM 48. MPH is selling it for RM 40 so I thought, hey, why not offer it at half price since I kinda by accident damaged it while travelling back from Singapore.
I guess the plot of the story was really good BUT slow. I did enjoy her style of writing and the characters.

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